Monday, October 17, 2016

Ice Cream Recipes with my Vita-Mix

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Hootsuite = More Fun

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 year old Domain For Sale

Rik Rodriguez | Business Community

Instant Traffic For Sale

Rik Rodriguez | Business Community

Check out the Bullydog Site!

Rik Rodriguez | Business Community

Rik Rodriguez | Business Community

Rik Rodriguez Consultanting


Its me Rik Rodriguez 

I have been helping businesses all over the world with many of their challenges.

In my 20 years of experience I have found that many businesses are paying to 
much for the services they are receiving! We can help you bring costs down and
productivity up.

#1. Websites

We offer small and large businesses the opportunity to have my staff build a free 5 page website for you.

We ask for a maintenance contract for 1 year. As  each website is different that we are involved with.

Fees are reasonable and negotiable.

#2. SEO If we determine that your website is in need of search engine optimization.

We work to get your website seen!

#3. Lead Generation

We offer lead generation for businesses that are wanting to build an email list and expand their client database.

#4. You Tube

We have experience with building channels on youtube.
Creating professional videos that are informative and get results.

 #5. Advertising

Every business is different!   We offer custom advertising packages for your business.
What ever business that you have we can help!

Aloha and Mahalo

Rik Rodriguez
Contact me  for a Free Consultation

Rik Rodriguez | Business Marketing Profile

Rik Rodriguez | Business Marketing Profile

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Many of us have heard of all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

I have found that it does settle my stomach and I have taken to drinking it daily.

Just a teaspoon with water everyday.  This has been one of the simplest ways I have found to aid in digestion and benefit my over all health.

If you are suffering from IBS I would recommend that you give this a try. Many IBS suffers have found relieve using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar,  I have used Braggs products for many years and have always been impressed with the quality!



IngredientsBragg – Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gallon – 128 oz. (3.79L) Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (15ml) Servings Per Container: 64 Amount Per Serving %DV Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Sodium 0mg 0% Potassium 11mg 0% Total Carbohydrates 0g 0% Protein 0g 0% *Daily Value Not Established.Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Ingredients: Certified Organic Raw Apple Directions Delicious, ideal pick-me-up at home, work, sports or gym. Perfect taken 3 times daily – upon arising, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. 1-2 tsps Bragg Organic Vinegar in 8 oz Glass Purified Water and (optional) to taste 1-2 tsps Organic Honey, 100% Maple Syrup, Blackstrap Molasses or 4 drops of herb Stevia.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Coconut Oil is Good for You

Of course most people know coconut oil is great for their skin! I use it as a natural sun screen as I live in Hawaii and enjoy surfing when its nice and warm!

I also use it for cooking also, I stopped using vegetable oil as I felt it could be an irritant. Coconut oil does the trick ! It has a lower burning temperature  than other oils. Meaning I cook the food slower on a lower heat when I use coconut oil.

I use it to bake with also, things tend to come out different that they do if you use conventional oil.  But I feel that they taste much better. Just my opinion of course.

I have used it to heal my teeth also. I would take a a glob of coconut oil and switch it around for a few minutes. It really seemed to speed up the healing process in my mouth and took away most of the soreness after while.

Yes many of the sites that I see lay claim to the amazing benefits of eating the oil everyday. We feed it to our dogs they enjoy it, we also apply it to their coats and belly.  It anti bacterial and very soothing to the skin.

I also like to as essential oils to coconut oil.  I like to ad a few drops of lemon grass to coconut oil for muscle strains it really works well!

In fact over the years I have tried many different carriers for essential oils and have found coconut oil to be the best for me!




Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce

Features: Delicious coconut oil, healthy replacement for butter and fat, Coconut cooking oil is a healthy and  great alternative to traditional oils such as vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oil, Gluten free, non-GMO, free of hydrogenated and trans fats,, Kosher, organic, Product of the Philippines
Since 2000, Carrington Farms has been making delicious, 100% organic, non-genetically modified Health Food Products accessible to nutrition-conscious consumers around the United States. Our comprehensive line of flax and coconut oil products serves a range of purposes, from conditioning hair and nails to weight loss and staving off chronic disease. From our pure whole seed flax to our chia blends and cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil, all of Carrington Farms’ vitamin and mineral-full health food products are a great way to start adding a little more nutrition to your everyday life.
List Price: $35.96 USD
New From: $16.99 USD In Stock

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief (Kombucha)

Aloha It me Rik

Kombucha is instant relief to any stomach ache and a healthy alternative to soda!

Filled with probiotics that your body needs to remain healthy!

I wanted to write this article about Irritable Bowel Syndrome with the intention that it would help alot of

people find some relief if they are having issues with their digestion.

For me I have been struggling with these issues for almost 10 years. I was struck by lightning and after this trauma

I started having issues with certain foods that I had always loved!

Yes I attempted to stay away from the foods that I enjoyed and only ate them when I really thought I wanted to!

I really wanted my health back and it seemed like it all stemmed from my gut.

Almost all of my life I knew about organic food and I was raised on it.

Being almost 60 now I became aware of so called health food in my 20s although we grew an organic garden

and just called it good food!

How do you know of you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome ?

Well it took me many years to figure it out for myself.

But it all came down to the foods I was normally eating did not make me feel good anymore.

SO one by one I started to eliminate the foods that I felt were making me feel ill!

#1. Refined Sugar-  Its in almost everything . I use agave, coconut sugar honey but I stopped eating any candy.

#2. Milk – I stopped all milk and almond milk products-I use Hemp milk-Rice milk-Oat milk Yes I feel much better without milk!

#3. Wheat- I love homemade bread and my wife made it for 30 years with wheat flour. She still makes bread but I dont eat it if it has wheat in it!

#3. Certain fruits- OK I bought a banana farm in Hawaii well it has 100s of banana plants on it because I love them.  At the moment I dont eat them ;-(


OK Not to be discourage  These are the foods that I avoid at the moment. I feel much better of course!

Yes its challenging

One of the most helpful things that I have learned to to drink Kombucha everyday!


It contains so many beneficial bacteria’s, enzymes and vitamins that will give you so much relief for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I have never really met a person that does not want to feel better!

Kombucha tastes great and you can get it almost anywhere.

I posted the type of Kombucha that I order from Amazon!

Its tastes better than any soda pop and Kombucha is much better for you!

If you have a stomach ache just drab a bottle of Kombucha and you will find instant relief.

I hope you  have found this article helpful.

To your health and wellbeing!



GTS Kombucha is made with 100% pure love!

Says so right on the bottle!

See larger image
Additional Images:

GTs Enlightened Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha Trilogy, 16 Ounce — 12 per case.

Features: Important – Refrigerated items are perishable and tend to have short shelf lives – some of these can be as little as two weeks from the date of receipt – if you are ordering a large quantity, or are otherwise concerned about expiration dates, consider a frozen product.
GTs Enlightened Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha Trilogy, 16 Ounce — 12 per case. With GT’s Trilogy threes company, with tangy raspberries, tart lemons and spicy ginger. Shelf Life: Less than 30 days.
New From: $54.25 USD In Stock

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Organic Pumpkin Pie My Favorite

Organic Pumpkin Pie has always been one of my favorite deserts! I even eat it for breakfast its so good! As you may be aware of pumpkin is a squash and is a highly nutrient dense food. Packed full of vitamins and minerals. There are lots of creative ways you can add pumpkin to your diet, including desserts, soups, salads, preserves and even as a substitute for butter.

Pumpkin is one of the best-known sources of beta-carotene, a very powerful antioxidant. Besides that I like pumpkin pie! Its good for you as long as you dont use to much sugar to make it. I use coconut sugar or Agave this make it low Glycemic. Meaning that you wont get the sugar rush! Its seems good to make pumpkin pie with out white sugar. I think it tastes much better if you use an alternative.


Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin, 15 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Features: Pack of 12 15-ounce cans (total of 180 ounces), Certified Organic, Naturally sweet pumpkin puree, Grown in the USA, Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin is rich, smooth and delicious, AND ready to use in everything from baked delights to entrees. Use it in a variety of recipes including pies, muffins, cookies, soups…even chili! It’s also certified organic by the USDA and Oregon Tilth, contains 380% of the daily recommended value for Vitamin A, and comes in a BPA-free can. Farmer’s Market Foods have the pure, fresh flavor you’d expect to find at a country produce stand. We grow the best fruits and vegetables organically, so that you can take home food that is good for you and good for the world.
List Price: $32.99 USD
New From: $23.36 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Viva Labs Organic Coconut Sugar: Non-GMO, Low-Glycemic Sweetener, 6 lbs Bag

Features: Low-Glycemic Sweetener – coconut sugar adds richness to recipes but has a lower glycemic score than table sugar, making it suitable for those following a restricted diet, 1:1 Ratio – coconut sugar makes an excellent replacement to refined white sugar spoon-for-spoon, cup-for-cup for all of your baking and cooking needs. This tasty addition adds sweetness to coffee or tea without the sugar spike., Mild Caramel Flavour – the subtle, yet delectable caramel flavor of coconut sugar offers a unique variation from common household sweeteners. Aesthetically, it is comparable to brown and cane sugar, with no comparison in taste and quality., Rich Nutritional Content – unlike nutrients lost during the refinement of white sugar, Viva Labs Coconut Sugar is a rich source of potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and B vitamins, contributing to a well-balanced diet., Viva Labs Organic Coconut Sugar is naturally sourced from the sap of sustainably-grown and non-GMO coconut palm trees, eliminating the presence of pesticides, chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
What is Coconut Sugar?
Unlike table sugar, coconut sugar is unrefined, maintaining all the nutritional elements that are frequently destroyed during industrial processing. Derived from the sap of the coconut palm tree, coconut sugar boasts many of the same health-promoting properties as other coconut products. This mineral-rich sweetener is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth with no guilty consequence.

Organic Coconut Sugar: A Healthy Sugar Alternative

Coconut Sugar is a low-glycemic sweetener that has been shown to support healthy blood sugar balance. A study published by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute compared the glycemic indexes of both coconut sugar and table sugar on a scale of 100, indicating a value of 35 and 60, respectively. Viva Labs Organic Coconut Sugar is a one-to-one ratio with table sugar, helping you to achieve the same sweetness without the corresponding sugar spike.

Because coconut sugar is unrefined, it maintains essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. A study published by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute indicated that coconut sugar had roughly double of the amount of iron compared to ordinary table sugar in a 100g serving.

The Viva Labs Difference
To produce Viva Labs’ Organic Coconut Sugar, local farmers “tap” the unopened flowers of coconut palm trees, oozing with sweet coconut nectar. Prior to heating, the sap is poured through a strainer, ensuring all waste matter is removed. Viva Labs processes the sap immediately after collection, obtaining a better quality sugar and sweet flavor. The sap then undergoes a reduction process under heat, evaporating unwanted moisture, leaving you with pure, granulated organic coconut sugar.

New From: $24.99 USD In Stock
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Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar, 36 Ounce

Features: Gluten Free, Sugar Substitute, Organic, Low glycemic response sweetener
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar
New From: $9.18 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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